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Online Access for

Independent Social Worker (ISW) Services

Access ISWs

What is the service?

This service has been designed to provide solicitors, barristers and Local Authorities with rapid access to the CVs and availability of our ISWs when they need to agree those services as soon as possible (for example, when they are in a court setting). It provides additional reassurance that deadlines and submission dates for assessments can be met.



How does the service work?

Professionals simply sign up to the service (details below) and once approved can access the ISW information on their laptops, tablets or mobile telephones.

The members’ area allows you to filter results (through geographical area or particular type of work required) and presents you with the CVs of those ISWs who are currently available to be engaged with the piece of work required.

Once you have selected the ISW(s), a simple email or phone call to us will enable us to engage the ISW formally and for work to start.



Is there a cost involved?

There is no fee for the online access service. The usual fees apply for the piece of work being carried out, and we will provide you with a quote for each piece of work, based on the type of assessment, time required and travel costs.



How do I subscribe to the service?

Simply complete the registration request page here and once approved you will receive an e-mail with your login details.



Who are our team of ISWs?

All of our practitioners are professionally recruited through a rigorous compliance and selection procedure and our social work team have a minimum of five years’ assessment experience, enhanced DBS certification, registration through the HCPC, and are publicly and professionally insured.

We are proud to deliver a timely response to our legal partners in a way which ensures that families, professionals and authorities can achieve the best outcomes for all concerned, prioritising the safeguarding and well-being of children and young people. We provide consistently high-quality independent assessments and all work is quality assured in-house to the highest key performance indicators by senior social work assessors.

Working with solicitors, Local Authorities and other individuals or organisations, our countrywide team of Independent Social Workers provide timely and quality-assured assessments, which include;

  • Viability Assessments

  • Parenting Capacity & Risk Assessments

  • SGO's & Connected Persons Assessments

  • Form F Assessments

  • PAM's Assessments

  • CUBAS assessments

  • ParentAssess assessments (more info)

  • Regulation 24 Assessments

  • Sibling Together and Apart Assessments

  • Private Law, Residence & Contact Assessments

  • International Assessments

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